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To the creators I create fanwork of:- I welcome the non-corporate entities I draw fanart for (youtubers) to use my pieces for promotional purposes with attribution. Prior discussion can be had to forgo the attribution.- My designs can be used by these specific people for inspirational purposes for merch & other commercial purposes.-They can not, however, market my artwork itself without prior discussion.

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Illustration and animation always fascinate me -- I am open to freelance work, art trades, and collaborations!
My main hobby is ffxiv! My main character is Sen Farsai @ Crystal | Goblin if you want to chat.
My secret love (which is rapidly becoming less secret) is hermitcraft / life series / Empires SMP.I love a lot of things tbh -- unless the thing is Brand Brand new or Really Incredibly Obscure I probably know it and like it.

For professional inquiry, please email me at [email protected]
For commissions and anything else, please reach me @kazehita_ on twitter or @kazehita#6676 on discord
If you somehow wound up here for my IRL design stuff, please go away

Commissions Info

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COmmishy sheet

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Pricing currently under revamp, reach out with an inquiry!

I have a flexible style, and I usually tackle everything I can! My only hard lines are:❌ No hateful/hurtful topics or portrayals
❌ No irl people without the person depicted' s permission
No nsfw

• I only draw clothed furry/anthro
In general, my artsyle falls on the side of "modest;" sexy is all good and all that, it just isn't gonna come through in my style so good..Commissions are available through contacting me on twitter or discord.
I accept payment via ko-fi.
Please read my terms of service before commissioning me.

Commissions Terms of Service

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Edited 3-16-2023

  • No commercial use. Listed rates are for personal use only. Please contact me for commercial rates.

  • No NFT or crypto related projects.

  • Do not have other artists modify the commissioned artwork. Cropping etc., is fine.

  • If no response is received when feedback is requested on a sketch, color, ect. after a period of two weeks you will be reminded at least once and then work will proceed to the best of my ability. You cannot later change the details of a previous stage. If you notify me beforehand of an extended absence, that will be respected.

  • Payment must be upfront and you reserve the right to contact me at any time for status updates (but do not spam!). Status updates also available 24/7 on my trello!

  • Refunds are only acceptable if the work has yet to begin.

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason. You will be refunded in full immediately.

  • I may include the work in my portfolio and post to social media (If it is a gift, etc., you may request posting be withheld for a time).

  • You may repost the commissioned artwork anywhere you like, but attribution is required.

  • You will be held to the TOS from the date payment was received. Future edits do not effect previous clients.

  • By commissioning me, you have read and agreed to this terms of service.

Commission Examples

Page WIP but tke this for now

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Two characters, fullbody

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1 character, fullbody

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1 character, fullbody

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1 character, fullbody

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1 character, fullbody

General:- Ask before reposting! (No reposts for platforms I'm on)

  • My work is never to be used for commercial purposes without permission.

  • My work is never to be used in the making of / promotion of NFT's

  • My work is never to be sourced for the use of AI-created artwork.

  • Using my art in profile pictures, banners and device backgrounds is all good it makes me happy :3 Credit is appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to read - feel free to ask me questions! Raising questions/concerns is always chill.